Actor Joseph Benjamin Marriage no dey Again

The Nollywood Actor and Television Presenter himself carry im mouth talk for one interview for Reel Radio day before yesterday say the marriage don scatter. E say him and im wife get two pikin together. The girl don reach ten years while de boy na seven years e be.
E talk say him and im wife dem don arrange how to take handle the two pikin dem so dat the wahala no go disturb dem. 


  1. Blessings....
    woo its a challenge reading this but fun.

    Thanks for stopping by, reading./participating in my blog.

    Take care and stay blessed.

  2. oh.. he can marry me now! hahaha joking

    seriously tho, I wish they would work things out.. things can be worked out :(

  3. First time here and I'm liking it! Lol. This would improve my pidgin English. It just. Ay become our national language tomorrow.

  4. What happened to my 1st comment oooooo??? first time here sha and I'm liking it.

  5. Thank you mstizzle, your first comment dey kampe. I just visit you now come like de random facts about yourself and de way wey you take count for Yoruba language.

  6. I no sabi wetin cos dem to waka dem own ways o, but i jus wan tok say make people dem dey lern sey marriage no bi abc. you mus lov d person sotey you no go count im wrong side. make dem look am sef sey d tin wen dem do now, go cos pain for dem pikin dem lif.

  7. This man is GOOOOOOOD-looking!! I would love to see his lucky lady!!

    Thanks for stoping by my blog and commenting :)

  8. Wow first time here and I'm loving the whole pidgin thingy. Anyway sha,marriage no be easy instutition and these people for know say marriage, no suppose dey end any how as e be today. I hope say dem go fit work out their differences sha.

  9. First time on dis blog and i like it,my advice be say divorce no be d best solution


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