Listen To Nigerian Pidgin English Tori about The Pope's New Name

Since wey we hear say Pope Benedict XVI wan resign from him big chair wey e siddon, some people like even me sef, we come dey tink say na just to change name be de mata. We no know say plenty tings dey follow change. Plenty tings dey wey don change now,
so, as him no come be pope again. The ones wey me I fit remember be
  1. Him new name now don be "Emeritus Pope," so when you dey waka for road, you come see am dey pass make you no forget o. I no wan hear say you meet am for inside church come dey call am Papa Benedict XVI. Dat one go be big mistake o. Call de New Name wey be Emeritus Pope. You hear me so?
  2. Dat Red Shoe wey him been dey sabi wear so eh? him go keep am for corner. As name take change, na so shoe too don change, comot from red to de one wey dem dash am. him now come dey like brown loafers wey some people wey sabi carve tings make for am. Dey people wey dash am de loafers na Leon and Mexico dem dey.
  3. Him better Ring wey be like stamp, wey dem call say "na ring for fisherman dem,"  dat ring no go dey work like dat again. Dem go treat dat ring de way wey dem dey take treat ring for any Pope wey don die. If to say him die, de ting wey dem for do de ring, dem go kuku do dat ting now wey im don comot for office.
  4. De wey wey dem go dey take call am, wen dem dey talk with Emeritus pope na "Your Holiness" When you go travel go Vatican, make you no forget say na so you suppose take address am o. Instead of Pope Benedict XVI, make we call am ' His Holiness Benedict XVI.
  5. Another name wey Papa been get before na "Bishop Of Rome." him no want carry dat name again o. e no tell person wetin do am no want dat name dis time. De only ting wey we fit do na to forget de name too. E no good to call person name wey him no want o.



  2. Naah! Never thought pidgin could be this difficult to read, abi na de way u write am?

  3. U try buh it still doesn't stop my bis 4RM expiring

  4. How do you say 'welcome to this place?' in pidgin. Thank you o.

    1. If they are more than one person: Una don come?
      One person: You don come? Or you can say welcome o.


You do well as you read am. Oya add wetin you tink.

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