Sunday, January 10, 2016

Una Still Dey? Happy New Year O, How Sunday?

Chai, I don already share dis one for wives connection before I come remember say na here be the proper place for dis laughter. 
Dem say Boko Haram don poison beans after I don buy half bag keep for house. From the one wey I cook, I give my dog, Bingo, make im first test am. 45 mins later, bingo still dey waka, dey jolly. Na im I come chop my own. After I don chop finish, my gateman run come tel me say bingo don die, hey! I run

Friday, July 11, 2014

I Buy Water, NO CHANGE, Enter Bus, NO CHANGE, Pay Okada Bike, NO CHANGE, Na Wetin?

Nigerian currency, why getting change is now over difficult... E no easy to collect change from any seller hade at all at all.
Plenty buses dey load for Area one park, I come waka go near de one wey don dey full, wetin I hear na "wuse! Wuse! Wuse!" Then pause. The bus conductor start again, " Wuse, enter with your change, enter with your change. I look inside my bag na only #1000,00 bill dey inside:) Na how I wan take enter hundred naira bus with my change for pocket?

Before, before, when you buy something, na de seller go find change for you. Now, before you ask how much? for any item, the seller go just quick quick ask if you hold your change. Sometimes sef, when they ask if you get change, na to collect your money settle another customer wey don dey wait in queue. You go now do better person, help dem with de change. Then, when your turn come reach, na so you go don tire to wait for change, so, you kuku tell the trader make e keep the change. Lol.

Dis keep the change ting, don take style spoil some market sellers and some shop attendant dem. E kuku don reach mallam dem too sef, wey be say now if you buy something and your change dey less than hundred naira, or say na from hundred down, forget the change o, because if you try to wait eh, you go wait tire. 
At the end of the day sha, these traders go don make cool money from... NO CHANGE!

So, me I

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Mercy Johnson, No Let Person Fall Your Hand Or Blow Your Candle o

Our Pregnant Mercy Johnson wey no gree act for us again o
Dis post na because of vex do me dey write am o. As I go read Mercy Johnson Post finish. I like as she chose to dey rest with dis her second pregnancy. The first belle, she work wella, even come resume maternity leave as soon as she and baby purity enter Nigeria. Maybe some people no like as she dey work hard, na im dem come say ''dem no go never marry husband wey go release dem go dey hussle quick quick after labour room''
 As the Nolly wood actress 'poko' talk dis ting finish, me I no tink say e fit make Mercy Johnson come go sidon for house when de number two belle come enter o.

As soon as de goal score for her belle, we come hear say she wan take leave go sidon for house until pikin come. No be so na, we sabi say even if you no work, oga fit put food for your table even in the poresence of your enemies, so, you no need to prove anything my dear. Acting work dey so like mathematics, if you leave am for one day, e fit leave you for two days, and, as upcoming actresses dey rise everyday for Nollywood, person fit just take your place before you enter again:)

Well, if na because say Doctor prescribe bed rest, den no problem, but, if na say because person mouth do yabis, say you wan

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Between Nokia Lumia And Samsung Phone Dem, Na which One Better Pass o?

Na which one of dis two phone dem better pass abeg
Wetin make me ask dis question na because say, as I be blogger, I dey always try to blog with any phone wey dey my hand. Like wen I still carry belle o, I no come fit sidon again with laptop, na phone dem help me dey update my wives connection blog. Na since dat period I come see say no be all phones dey do wetin person want, and, na den I come know say before person go buy phone for market, e good make you ask yourself wetin you need dat fone for?

When you answer your self, dat answer go lead you to buy de real phone for yourself. No be say because everybody dey carry Blackberry you sef go run go buy am and den when you reach house you come discover say dat no be wetin you need.

As I been dey talk before sha, I try to blog with plenty phone, den, I come see say to blog with Nokia no easy like when you blog with Android. Android phones just dey do the work like say na behind laptop person sidon but with my Nokia, Lumia for dat matter o, no be Nokia 3310 wey I been dey use before:)s, na Lumia wey be say dem tell us say e sabi work for person like magic, na im wey when I open my blog, some things go show, while others no go gree show. To even open my Google mail for there, e no gree at all till tomorrow.

Abeg, if you don